Measurement Network

Four designated CarboCount CH sites were equipped with greenhouse gas analyzers and meteorological sensors. A brief summary of the sites locations and instrumentation is given below.

Name ID Latitude Longitude Altitude (m) Inlet Height (m) Parameters Instrumentation Established
Beromünster BEO 47.1896 8.1755 797 12, 45, 72, 132, 212 CO2, CH4, CO, Meteo Picarro G2401 2012, Nov
Lägern LAE 47.4822 8.3973 840 32 CO2, CH4, CO, Meteo Picarro G2401 2012, Aug
Früebüel FRU 47.1158 8.5378 982 3 CO2, CH4, Meteo Picarro G2301 2012, Nov
Gimmiz GIM 47.0536 7.2480 443 32 CO2, CH4, CO, Meteo Picarro G2301, Horiba APMA360 2013, Feb

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